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SXSW: Day Two

Yesterday  I wondered about the crowds. A SXSW official says the lines were deceptive because one was for wristbands, sold at the convention center for the first time to try […]

Where I Hope to Be

During SXSW, where you plan to be and where you end up are two very different things. If all goes according to plan I’ll see Mark Olson and Gary Louris […]

SXSW: Day One

  The news as SXSW starts is the seeming disconnect between the state of the economy, the state of the music business and the music festival/marketplace in Austin, Texas. While […]

Early SXSW Stuff

  In “The Weekly Beat” next week, we hype some of the Louisiana artists playing in Austin during SXSW. Unfortunately, that comes out a little late for those who play […]