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Tales of the Cocktail: On Your Mark, Get Set, Drink!

So what is Tales of the Cocktail all about? In a nutshell, it means that many of the country’s finest mixologists are converging in New Orleans this week, and you will have many chances to sample the fruits (and herbs, and extracts) of their labor. It also means that your big plan to go on [...]

YouTube du Jour: Smooth Jazz, Stiff Oysters (Almost) Aplenty

After a few hours sleep following Friday night’s Tales of the Cocktail daiquiri contest I had, surprisingly, no hangover — score one for Bacardi! So, I went to the Hotel Monteleone to begin drinking at 10am. For work. A party thrown by OffBeat and fueled by the New Orleans liqueur Legendre Herbsaint. Outside the hotel [...]

YouTube du Jour: That’s it? That’s good! Mmm, Daiquiris… Tales of the Cocktail

New Orleans is currently in the middle of our annual daiquiri season. Teaching camp this summer involved my driving six miles through Chalmette, past roughly two dozen daiquiri shops — several of them with drive-through windows. After hot and stressful days attempting to teach kids who wanted only summer play, it was hard not to [...]

Tales of the Cocktail Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Tales of the Cocktail 2012 is officially underway! For the next four days the lauded summer cocktail festival will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in the heart of the city that never sleeps stops drinking. Year-in and year-out TotC has proven itself to be an experience like no other – a fitting marriage or choice [...]

Michael Glassberg of Hotel Monteleone Wins Melodic Mixology Cocktail Competition

In June, OffBeat announced a new cocktail contest we co-sponsored along with Herbsaint: The Melodic Mixology Competition. The rules were simple: New Orleans-area bartenders were asked to make an original cocktail recipe that met three guidelines: 1. it used Legendre Herbsaint 100 Proof, 2. it used no more than 7 ingredients, and 3. the cocktail [...]

Herbsaint Melodic Mixology Competition Announces Top Five Finalists

A few weeks back, OffBeat and Herbsaint asked local bartenders and mixologists to submit their entries to our first annual Melodic Mixology Cocktail Competition. We’re in search of the best musically inspired cocktail using Legendre Herbsaint Original 100 proof and the response was incredible. Herbsaint has narrowed down the competition to five finalists who will [...]

Tales of the Cocktail: Not Just Booze

Isn’t the difference between a “cocktail scene” and run-of-the-mill alcoholism simply a matter of whether one is getting drunk while sitting in a circle and chatting, or facing forward at the bar, speaking to no one but an empty glass? Isn’t a “cocktail enthusiast” simply, as The Onion once put it, “like a chocoholic, but [...]

Herbsaint Melodic Mixology Competition: Sing for Your Sipper

If you have a song in your heart and a drink up your sleeve, OffBeat and Herbsaint are looking for you. We’re sponsoring the first annual Melodic Mixology competition—the search for the best musically inspired cocktail. New Orleans area bartenders and mixologists are invited to develop an original cocktail inspired by a New Orleans song [...]

The Remodeled Carousel Bar Opens with Tales of the Cocktail

The Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone is ready to take on Mardi Gras, the Final Four and the Super Bowl. The historic French Quarter hangout has just received a full makeover, a project that had been in the works and finally came to fruition with its unofficial reopening on New Year’s Eve. “It’s something [...]

Tales of the Tales

Tales of the Cocktail routinely poses the question, “How much can you handle?” As a media member, I was handed a large empty bag and shown to a room where I was told to be civilized. Inside were promotional shakers, shot glasses, and airplane-sized bottles of liqueurs, flavored vodkas, designer moonshines, and such novel mixers [...]