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Top Chef, Master Chef and
Grub Street Love New Orleans

Next week will be a big one for New Orleans cuisine as two of prime time television’s hottest cooking competition shows hit up the Big Easy for its foodie culture. Both Bravo’s Top Chef and Fox’s Master Chef programs launch new season themes focused on Crescent City style cooking. However, each show is going about [...]

YouTube du Jour: Treme Season Three Teaser

Last week, HBO announced that the third season of Treme would begin on Sunday, September 23. This weekend, the premium cable television network released this short teaser for the upcoming season. Most of season two’s principal characters are featured: Big Chief Albert Lambreaux, his jazz trumpeter son Delmond, trombone player Antoine Batiste and his ex-wife [...]

Treme: The Complete Second Season DVD (HBO Home Entertainment)

Watching the second season of Treme again, I’m struck by the quality of the casting. Making DJ Davis a small man as played by Steve Zahn gives him an underdog quality, even when he’s the architect of his own problems. The regular cast members are thoroughly credible, even in the moments that aren’t. It’s a [...]

Treme: The End of Shooting Season Three

On David Simon’s blog, he reflected on the wrap of shooting for season three of Treme with a tally sheet. Here are a few of the highlights: Number of episodes filmed:  10 Number of shooting days:  113 for first unit, plus 10 days of second unit or splinter unit shooting. Number of New Orleans restaurants [...]

John Boutté, All About Everything (Independent)

Though a new season is on the horizon, we might consider ourselves residents of a post-Treme culture. Our central narratives, historic touchstones, and musical traditions are now common knowledge to millions of viewers. The world’s flame for New Orleans burns everlasting, but Mardi Gras Indians were on cable and the shadows of mystery recede accordingly. [...]

Dr. John on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Dr. John’s (excellent) new album, Locked Down, was released Tuesday, and already positive press for the record has been streaming in (Rolling Stone, Paste.com, Pitchfork.com, Village Voice, NPR, LA Times, ConsequenceofSound.net, etc.). Tuesday night, Dr. John played Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with much of the band he recorded with: producer Dan Auerbach (The Black [...]

The Imagination Movers: Moving on

The Imagination Movers’ journey started in 2003 when four New Orleans friends—Rich Collins, Dave Poche, Scott Durbin and Scott “Smitty” Smith—started writing kids’ music. Fast forward two years later and their playful, eclectic pop sounds and positive lyrical content landed them on the Disney Channel. The show earned the Movers two Emmy nominations and one [...]

YouTube du Jour: Zigaboo Modeliste with Erykah Badu, Mark Ronson Dap-Kings

Last night, Meters drummer Zigabooo Modeliste performed on the Late Show with David Letterman with Erykah Badu, Mark Ronson, and members of the Dap-Kings. The group is part of Re:Generation, which pairs producers with musicians across genres as a documentary project. The group recorded the song played last night, “A La Modeliste,” with Mos Def [...]

Andrew Zimmern and Bizarre Foods in Louisiana: Soy Sauce and Wildebeest

Andrew Zimmern has yet to encounter a culinary specialty in Louisiana that he didn’t fall in love with. The region is known for its unusual fare compared to many other foodie destinations, but there isn’t much that shocks Zimmern’s taste buds. “I didn’t realize I would wind up making a show that was basically snuff [...]

Glen David Andrews on Fox 8 News at Noon: Video

There’s been a lot of Best of the Beat action in the Fox 8 TV studios today. Lifetime Achievement in Music Award honoree George Porter, Jr. (performing at 10:30 p.m. tonight) went on Fox 8 Morning News with OffBeat publisher Jan Ramsey, followed by the Soul Rebels (performing at 7:15 tonight), who played their cover [...]