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A First Look at Treme’s Third Season

There’s no new video online yet, but last night’s “My Darlin’ New Orleans” fundraiser hosted by HBO’s Treme showed a scene from the upcoming season. The story has moved forward […]

Treme Down Under

One of the questions we’ve always asked about Treme is how it plays outside New Orleans. Season two is just starting in Australia: how does it play out of the […]

Emmys Snub Treme

Television watchers are trying to figure out how Treme received no Emmy nominations in 2011. At HollywoodReporter.com, Tim Goodman went on at length about the oversight of the HBO drama […]

Treme News: An English Major’s Dream

[SPOILER ALERT] I’ve resisted saying too much about Treme on a week-to-week basis because the series has felt like the season adds up to a novelistic whole, and commenting on […]