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Irony or In-Joke?

Once HBO’s Treme airs, we’re going to need to open the Bureau of Oddities, In-Jokes, Errors and Otherwise. One to watch for in the pilot (this isn’t a spoiler, or […]

A Sense of Place

I’m reading Harold Battiste’s autobiography, Unfinished Blues, and he writes about growing up across the street from the Dew Drop Inn. Yesterday as I drove by the Dew Drop on […]

Questions, Madness and Hopes

Here on Frenchmen Street, it’s tough to avoid the production of HBO’s Treme. Two days ago, I ran into John Goodman, who was waiting for someone, and there’s a dinner […]

Tremé and Davis

Cute but Crazy Davis Rogan called me today to correct me on implying on my last blog that he wasn’t involved in the upcoming HOB Tremé series. He is involved, […]

Damn, That Light’s in My Eyes!

Got to work this morning and there was a film crew out, apparently shooting a scene for HBO’s series Tremé in, of all places, Mona’s Restaurant. My office overlooks the […]

Before it Was Trendy

Shaggy beards seem to be very in, but Steve Earle – who we saw yesterday on Frenchmen as part of the Treme shoot – has been rocking one for a […]