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Rick Olivier of the Creole String Beans Hits the Spot at Pho Tau Bay

Pho Tau Bay 113 Westbank Expressway (504) 368-9846 I see you’re not scared of jalapeños. I like to put one in. And plenty of sriracha, the hot sauce, and some lime juice. It’s like a tonic; clears your head. What’s in your bowl? Pho tai, the noodle soup, with the beef medium rare. Why Pho [...]

Banh Mi on a Budget

Banh mi, also known in New Orleans as Vietnamese po-boys, are among my absolute favorite foods. Luckily, they also are just about the cheapest thing you can find in the parish. They’re cheaper than a subway sandwich, but what is really spectacular about this sandwich is the flavor. The price is just an added bonus. [...]

Sean Hart of Caddyhompus Hits the Spot at Doson Noodle House

Doson Noodle House 135 N. Carrollton Ave. (504) 309-7283 What do you usually order? I usually get the beef pho—pho bo, or any of the standard stuff. What do you usually get? The beef pho. How did you hear about this place? Probably from one of my friends, but there is a huge sign that [...]

Ray Moore Hits the Spot at Pho Orchid

Pho Orchid 3117 Houma Blvd (504) 457-4188   Why Pho Orchid? I stumbled on it by accident. It’s tucked away, but that’s the unique thing about it: There’s something here in Metairie! I come at least three times a week to get my fix. What do you usually order? I often get the noodle soup. [...]

Dining Out: Café Minh

New Orleans cuisine has repeated instances of ethnic populations using traditional techniques and local ingredients to produce fantastic results. One of our favorite spots to see this marriage of cuisines and cultures is Café Minh. Cafe Minh melds the New Orleans palate to the techniques, flavors, and ingredients of Vietnam. When beginning your meal, order [...]