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Mardi Gras Without The Ammo

A relative of mine sent me a joke on Mardi Gras morning via email that at first glance, seemed pretty funny, in light of how much we use digital media […]

Man The Ink-Stained Battle Stations

This morning in my email, I received this message from Stephen Perry, President and CEO of New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau: The New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) […]

Rotten, Really Rotten Apples

You know that old idiom, “A rotten apple spoils the barrel”? We had a taste of that on Halloween night when two morons on Bourbon Street and Canal Street decided to […]

Not a Wash

Last week’s police confrontation with the Krewe of Eris has been polarizing. When Jan Ramsey wrote criticizing the police for their heavy-handed tactics stopping the parade, commenters wrote to point […]

A Second Look at Second Lines

Last week, publisher Jan Ramsey’s column made me uneasy as it talked about the shooting that followed a second line near her house. She wrote, “while attending the second line on […]