Treme: My Pictures!

[This is the first in a series of blog posts dealing with HBO’s Treme. We get enough email with Treme-related stories that we’ve decided to run some of them, along with our own notes, thoughts and perspectives. Today’s post comes courtesy of photographer Jef Jaisun]

I’m not only loving the show, but this one had a moment that personally surprised the heck out of me. When the camera pans down to Creighton at the Mother-In-Law Lounge, it slides past a huge framed photo of K-Doe on the wall. I took that photo! It was presented to Antoinette by Coco Robicheaux at the October 2001 K-Doe Fest, and it was the basis of the art for the festival poster. Thing is, I was told it had been destroyed in Katrina. So you can imagine how I about fell out of my chair Sunday night when I saw it hanging there.

But wait, there’s more.

Next Sunday’s episode is about the N.O. Musicians Clinic, a cause dear to my heart for numerous reasons. The photos you’ll see on the walls of the Clinic set are from my 2001 Piano Night/Hanson Gallery exhibit, and also were supposedly destroyed in the storm. But last summer they were discovered in a storage locker! Some of them are clearly moisture/mold damaged, but a few survived in almost pristine condition. I’m still in shock over all that. Now comes the K-Doe pic.

HBO put them up on a Flickr page.

And the K-Doe pic with Coco and Antoinette is here.

So, right about now Treme is rockin’ my world on a lot of different levels.

–Jef Jaisun