Virtual Voodoo

[Updated] This year, the Voodoo Experience alternately engaged and enraged fans as its trickled out its talent lineup an artist at a time via Twitter. Starting this morning, the festival’s social-media-first ethos continues with “Virtual Voodoo.” Starting any time now, it will post a link to a band’s video on its Twitter feed – @VoodooNOLA – on the day and time the artist will perform on the Halloween weekend at City Park. We’ll try to keep track of it as well – follow @OffBeatMagazine and @Alex_Rawls – but we may miss some people, particularly when LSU and the Saints play this weekend.

Soundgarden. Find out when they play some time tonight.

For those who don’t need to be the first to know and don’t want to invest a weekend following Voodoo on Twitter, the schedule will be collected and released on Monday. We’ll post that when we get it.

Updated 2:15 p.m.

The Virtual Voodoo videos are collected along with times and stage information on Voodoo’s Facebook page as well.