Who Knew?

In a city where people have dress flip-flops in their closet, who saw three separate fashion weeks taking place? The third—NOLA Fashion Week—culminates today and tomorrow with fashion shows at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art’s Taylor Library, which turns out to be a far more hospitable and charming venue than the white tents of Bryant Park that we see on Project Runway.

Ottilie Brodmann Fashion Show

Ottilie Brodmann's show

The quality of modeling varies significantly, but the level of craft was substantial in the shows I saw. Ottilie Brodmann’s show consciously evoked the early 1960s by way of Mad Men. The inspiration may be a little done, but the simple, tailored looks in earth tones framed with faux fur were striking and occasionally daring. (Does an eight-inch-wide strip of fur around the hem of a skirt work? Still deciding.)

The next runway show featured a number of area jewelry makers. One woman—I’m afraid I couldn’t see the designers’ names from my seat—made elaborate epaulets that were attached by a chain that ran across the collarbone, and Nelson and Little made pieces that were subtly-elegant, carefully-wrought pieces made from less-precious metals and hides.

Jewelry by Nelson and Little

Jewelry by Nelson and Little

The designers for NOLA Fashion Week are from around the South with an emphasis on the area, and organizers plan to expand the area they draw from as well as the number of shows when they return in the fall.