Yacht Bounce: Too Smooth?

Yacht bounce is getting a lot of Twitter/Facebook love, and Saturday night it’s being celebrated in a party at the Rusty Nail. So far, I’m amused by the concept – marrying ’70s and ’80s soft rock to bounce – but the results are far too respectful to the source material. Tony Skratchere‘s yacht bounce remix of the Alan Parsons Project’s “Eye in the Sky” does so little with the song that the remix wouldn’t sound out of place on Magic 101.9. If anything, it would make the soft rock fans feel a little bit cooler.

Eye In the Sky (Yacht Bounce Remix) by TonySkratchere

At the moment, yacht bounce feels like an exercise in nostalgia, dressing up semi-guilty pleasures with bounce beats to make uncool songs cooler. To give the project some life, someone needs to desecrate a song. Yacht rock produced some ironclad hooks; somebody needs to build around those and play the satiny sheen of the production against the ‘hood clatter and wild personality of bounce.


In an interview with Annie Weldon, yacht rock architect Tony Skratchere said, “Bounce is a specialized genre that’s not for everyone. Anyone can listen to yacht bounce.” True, but is that what you want? To sanitize bounce so that it doesn’t disturb anybody, or would you rather rough up the implacable gloss of yacht rock by Taking It To the Hood? Do you want to buy into all the bourgeois musical values imbedded in those songs, or do you want Take Them to The St. Thomas?


  • Lance Vargas

    I’m with ya. I sought it out, listened and thought, where’s the new groove? I hear the old groove but, what’s new here? The I heard a little mix and thought, “O damn, here comes the new groove!” And then, back to the old groove and repeat. It’s like Treme, you keep waiting for stuff to happen.

  • Bounce Head

    Obviously you havent heard DJ TurkeyNeck then. http://soundcloud.com/djturkeyneck/oh-sherry-steve-perry

  • Anonymous

    A few people are doing stronger stuff – you’re right – and that Journey remix sets the bar. You’d break a sweat dancing to that, while you wouldn’t even spill a drink dancing to some others here.

  • Lance Vargas

    Yeah that’s more like it. 🙂

  • Yes, I too like you have your DVD collection of video performances

  • Idylwild

    Yacht Bounce, it’s nothing new.  It’s what Davis Rogan has been doing for years now.