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The New Orleans Gallery Scene: Warehouse District and Beyond

Although people think of music and food when they think of New Orleans, the city’s serious artists and galleries have remained something of a secret for many visitors, and even […]

Radio Acadiana: Tuning in to South Louisiana

Tuning into the South Louisiana radio scene in Lafayette or Eunice either takes a little word of mouth or else a lot of trial and error. Not a lot is […]

Swamp Fest: Acadian Do at the Audubon Zoo

For the last four years the Audubon Zoo has started off its fall season with its Louisiana Swamp Festival. Billed as “the ultimate Cajun experience,” it is a celebration of […]

Chamber Music: Harmonic Interlude in the High Rise District

The Windsor Court Hotel is known for its personal qualities as well as a consistent level of excellence. Everything about it seems to stand in contrast to the impersonal and […]

Janice Medlock: Confessions of a Piano Bar Star

“It’s a life,” declared Janice Medlock emphatically. “It’s more than just a profession—more than music even—it’s a way of life.” The topic at hand was piano bars—specifically what it is […]

Jazz Jam: Sax, Live, and Videotape

New Orleans’ master jazz saxophonist Earl Turbinton has an interesting perspective on his chosen art form. He sees the development of jazz like the growth of a tree sprouting many […]

Original Dixieland Jazz Band: Nick LaRocca’s Jazz Pioneers

Only four years before I learned to play the trumpet…the first great jazz orchestra was formed in New Orleans by a cornet player named Dominic James LaRocca. They called him […]

Bryan Lee: Behind Those Shaded Eyes

Bryan gets up from the bar, after his thirty minute break, and walks the familiar walk. His path to the stage has been trodden a thousand times but the journey […]

Piano Bar Profile: Miss Lily

When people think of Bourbon Street, images come to mind of a cacophonous carnival of sights and sounds, bright lights and loud music, a frenzied, often garish atmosphere. This boozy […]


Looking for a hot time over the Labor Day weekend? With South Louisiana’s sultry summer weather and a zydeco festival, you’ve got it! The seventh annual Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Festival […]