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Tipitina’s: The Legend Lives On

When you enter the door at Tipitina’s night club, you immediately view the first visible shrine to one of New Orleans’ musical patron saints, Henry Roeland Byrd, the one and […]

The Symphony Returns

In the 1970s, a festival organizer came to explore New Orleans as the site of a dance, drama, opera and classical music festival. The response he received, says Tulane University […]

Charmaine Neville

“Wheee!” grinned a delighted new fan, marveling at the beautiful bundle of human sound and motion. “You make me tired just looking at you.” Charmaine Anita Neville is a multi-talented, […]

Jazz Festing

In the spring of 1970, something great happened in New Orleans: musical history was made. Four stages, a gospel tent and a few food and crafts booths were set up […]


If you had to pick one day out of the year to be in New Orleans, the obvious choice is Fat Tuesday, better known as Mardi Gras Day. That presumes, […]

Snug Harbor: Jazz Haven

Five years ago New Orleans music was booming. Oil was flush, collaborations between musicians and various artists blossomed, and the town was pitched for a world’s fair whose promoters promised […]

Masks: The Soul of Mardi Gras

No American city is more hospitable to those reptilian souls who wish to shed their old skin and try a new one. New Orleans is an international capital of transformations…and […]

Mardi Gras Music

Mardi Gras, to say the least, presents a wild flood of sensory input. The varied sources of stimuli include garish floats, exotic and erotic costumes, over-indulgence of all sorts, rituals […]

Christmas in the Subtropics

Crazy as this city is normally, at Christmas we really like to go all out. As any New Orleanian knows, the Yuletide season is just another reason to have a […]

Discovering Real New Orleans Jazz: Tours and Resources

New Orleans is the celebrated birthplace of jazz, and there’s no better place to learn the history of this uniquely American music. Some visitors are lucky enough to have a […]