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Movers and Shakers: Music Scene Makers

If it be true that music makes the world go round, the question still remains: what makes the music? Obviously, the musician. But is that all? No—as many a talented-yet-poor […]

NewsBeat June 1990

Even though we thought this would be a lazy month—things usually slow way down after Jazz Fest in New Orleans—there are quite a few things going on in the music […]

Island Cuisine

June offers unusual opportunities for celebrating our Caribbean connection through festivals featuring reggae and related music. In order to get the full benefit of all this, June is also a […]

New Jewelry and Contemporary Crafts

It has long been recognized that there is a very thin line separating the arts and crafts—at least where the best and most innovative crafts are concerned. Jewelry, glass objects, […]

Ear to the Ground

In what has become a regular feature, OffBeat spoke to influential and (somewhat) knowledgeable folks in the local scene to determine which acts they think have a chance of breaking […]

Dave Bartholomew: Music Legend

History is made every moment, but often we miss significant moments because at the time the events seem to be commonplace and nothing special. Dave Bartholomew is the progenitor of […]

Crescent City Caribbean

Anyone who has spent time in New Orleans has come to the realization that the Crescent City is a Caribbean nation. The climate, vegetation, food, language and the pace of […]

Jamaican Vibration: June Festivals

June is the month to celebrate New Orleans’ Caribbean heritage, with two major reggae/Caribbean festivals held at different sites in the city. Reggae Riddums ’90 offers a “Caribbean weekend in […]

NewsBeat May 1990

So where do we begin to talk about the glories of Jazz Fest? We guess this issue says it all: our biggest and best (at least we hope you think […]

Feasts: Beyond the Fest

So here you are—in the food and music capital of the very deep South. And you have resources allotted for a few of those famous restaurants with solid gold names […]