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Grown Up All Wrong and Great Pop Things

Nothing starts an argument like a list. When the American Film Institute (AFI) announced what it considered the Hundred Greatest Movies last May, critics and moviegoers pounced on the list, […]

Big Ass Truck, Who Let You in Here? (Peabody)

As hip-hop’s influence spreads, turntables are now as common as guitars guitars, whether in solo acts like Q-Bert and OJ Shadow, in their old school incarnation such as MixMaster Mike […]

Best of the Beat Rules; Help For Teedy: Tip’s Expands

I wish you could have all come to OffBeat’s Best of The Beat Awards. It was absolutely the best ever, with over 1,500 musicians and music lovers attending our big […]

Hip Hop America by Nelson George

Last Fall, Charles Aaron wrote, “What the White Boy Means When He Says Yo” for the pierceder-than-thou Spin, The piece was an excellent exploration of the role hip hop plays […]

The Future of Live Music, Best of the Beat & More

It’s time to reflect on the past year and plan for the new. The live music scene is definitely going through major changes in New Orleans, with several new clubs […]

Mister Satan’s Apprentice & Obituary Cocktail

When you’re trying to hustle down Royal Street, it’s easy to curse street musicians as musical roach motels for unsuspecting tourists. The crowds they attract slow you down, and you […]

Zydeco Fanatics Sail the Blue… Why Do They Keep Picking on Music Clubs? OffBeat Moves to the Margins

It’s not often that I see four-inch "I Love New Orleans" tattoos on the shoulders of people I hang with. I saw one of ‘em and lots of other evidence […]

Hank, Elvis and Me: Making Musical History on the Louisiana Hayride by Horace Logan with Bill Sloan

In “The Death of Country Music,” country-punks The Waco, Brothers sing, “we spill some blood on the ashes/ Of the bones of the Jones and the Cashes.” The song laments […]

How Bad Can Donna’s Be? Music Biz Reporting, OffBeat Gives Tix to Shows & We Move On

Tell me, when will the city of New Orleans stop harassing the music industry? First the amusement tax, then retail in-stores, now musician and music club patron harassment?? Just before […]