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Best Band?

After seeing the New Orleans Bingo! Show twice in the last few weeks, I wonder if it isn’t the best band in town right now. I didn’t see anybody inspire a […]

Incomprehensible in All Formats

I’m entertained by Coheed and Cambria, but I have no idea what the songs are about, much less the story the collectively tell. I recently read The Amory Wars: The […]

Repudiate Everything and Waiting for Waits

I wanted to wait until I read Vanity Fair‘s Miley Cyrus piece before commenting on the furor over the Annie Leibovitz photo of her wrapped in a sheet. It’s silly […]

Block that Metaphor

The Democratic primary has proven to be an interesting study in what constitutes effective political speech, and yesterday Hillary Clinton gave us another fine example. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, […]

Housecleaning: Reissues

CDs stack up like cord wood under the best of circumstances; going into the black hole of Jazz Fest just exacerbates the problem. Here’s a quick trip through recent reissues: […]

Jazz Fest – Last Word for Now

We’re doing more Jazz Fest wrap-up in the June issue of OffBeat, so I’ll leave it here and move on. The best things I saw? In no particular order, done […]

Jazz Fest Notebook Dump, Day 7

Finally, a cloudless day. I started the day with the Oyster Rockefeller Bisque, which was a rich, murky green broth with six or so good sized oysters in a small […]

More Required Reading

A good story from New Orleans City Business on the marketing of Mardi Gras Indians.

Required Reading

Yesterday I meant to put up this link but was preoccupied with the rain. Katy Reckdahl’s story in The Times-Picayune on the police breaking up a jazz funeral is really […]

Jazz Fest Notebook Dump, day 6

After six fest days and two nights of Stomp with only Monday off, I’m ready for Jazz Fest to be over. Yesterday was a good day, and I remembered that […]