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The Way-Back Machine

I was looking through George Wein’s autobiography Myself Among Others to see if I remember correctly that when he produced Newport Jazz Festivals, that they leaned on older jazz guys […]

The Road Not Taken

If not for Madonna’s painful need for significance, she’d make a record of dance pop as much fun as Kylie Minogue’s X.

How to Get Ink 101

A quick tip to bands that want press – make sure your Web site has a professional, high-resolution (300 dpi) photo of the band clearly marked on it, complete with […]

A Perfect Length

I’m currently in strong like with Earth, Roots and Water’s imminently pleasant Innocent Youths (Light in the Attic). I don’t think I’d like this reggae album from Toronto’s Summer Records […]

What Are Words Worth?

I’ve become perversely fascinated with this season of Big Brother, particularly since half of the house has found the Lord. As they talk, though, it becomes clear that their notion […]

The Fleshtones Sunday night

I’ve seen my share of scary Fleshtones shows. In the 1990s, the garage rock band didn’t seem to deal very well with an audience that was getting real jobs having […]

You Could Be a Winner!

I recently received this email from the Barack Obama campaign: Refusing money from PACs and Washington lobbyists makes this campaign different in one very important respect. We are not beholden […]

An Awkward Spot

Since I raise the age issue with respect to the Jazz Fest lineup each year, it’s hard for me to carp too much about someone young and relatively unknown playing […]


The other day I received Bushspeak Volume 2: Fore More Years (Shout! Factory), and I wish I found it funny. When Jacob Weisberg came out with the book Bushisms in […]

Al Copeland

The world is a sadly more tasteful place since restauranteur (using the term in its most generous sense) Al Copeland died Sunday of cancer. I’ll have to develop a new […]