Corey Ledet, A Matter of Time (Independent)

ledetEven before he crossed the Sabine and homesteaded his music career in Acadiana, Corey Ledet was already a force to be reckoned with. The then- teenaged accordionist quoted Clifton Chenier tunes perfectly and got more out of an accordion with three fingers than most guys using four, not a widely known fact according to fellow musician Ed Poullard. Learning what connected with dance audiences took longer but as evidenced here, he’s learned his lesson well. His third release is easily his best dance platter yet; one that’s based on successfully road-tested live staples. In addition to single-row and triple-row accordions, Ledet also plays bass and drums, being one of the hardest-hitting drummers this side of Brad Frank (who lends a hand here on rubboard.)

What works song-wise is Ledet’s fearless experimentation. The time- honored “Colinda” has a fresh zydeco-soul spin, and the rendition of Elvis’ “Burning Love” is a much better pelvis shaker than what the King ever did. “Bushhog” is not only a torrid six minute-plus jam but finds Ledet weaving in and out of a pop hit medley.

But as much as he aims to ignite the global dance community, he includes selections to educate about the music’s deep roots. “Poullard Two-Step,” an old-style solo accordion number, is something akin to what Cajun-Creole music cornerstone Amédé Ardoin would have played and showcases Ledet’s mind-blowing, lightning-fast runs and quirky stutter notes. Remember the old adage, “Those who can’t do, teach”? It doesn’t take long for Ledet to shatter that myth as the rare, versatile performer who wears all hats equally well.