John "Papa" Gros. Photo by Elsa Hahne

John “Papa” Gros to perform first tribute to Dr. John since icon’s death

Last year, New Orleans keyboardist and singer John “Papa” Gros sold out the Ace Hotel when he and his band played a tribute to Dr. John. Following the band’s success at the inaugural show, Gros went on to perform similar sets at the Howlin’ Wolf and the Discover Burlington Jazz Festival in Vermont. Unfortunately, the set in Vermont took place the night before Dr. John’s death.

On Nov. 1, Gros will perform his first tribute to Dr. John since the musician’s death on June 6. “Papa Plays the Night Tripper: John ‘Papa’ Gros Tribute to Dr. John” will cover a variety of the music legend’s hits as well as some deep cuts, including tracks from Gris Gris, Gumbo, Right Place Wrong Time and Desitively Bonnaroo

The band will consist of three horns, two background vocalists and Gros’ normal band. Backing Gros on vocals, Theresa Anderson–the New Orleans singer transplanted from Sweden–and Yolanda Robinson. For horns, Gros contacted saxophonist Brad Walker, whose latest work was 2017’s Ep1, John Culbreth, the Naughty Professor trumpet player who recently released Magic Box–Culbreth’s first solo album–and, also from Naughty Professor, saxophonist Ian Bowman, whose other band, Roadside Glorious, recently released a music video for their song “Catalina.” The rest of the band consists of Daniel Seriff on guitar, Matt Boot on bass and Russ Broussard on drums.

“Papa Plays the Nite Tripper: John ‘Papa’ Gros Tribute to Dr. John” will take place at Howlin’ Wolf, located at 907 S. Peters St. The show starts at 11 p.m. For more information about the show and where to buy tickets, visit the Howlin’ Wolf website, here.