The LSU marching band performing on September 2, 2017.

Video: LSU Marching Band Pays Tribute To Louisiana Music

Over the holiday weekend, LSU’s marching band performed a musical tribute that will make any Louisianan proud. During the halftime-entertainment show, the phenomenal Golden Band From Tigerland put on a nearly eight-minute spectacle during which Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Buckwheat Zydeco, and “Tiger Rag” all get covered. But “Louisiana Funk” received more than a LSU-band cover. Big Sam himself took to the field to perform his hit with the Tigers, and even from a far-off view, his imposing presence can be felt.

Equally impressive is the choreography, as the band and other performers form a fleur de lis and the word “Louisiana” – in cursive! – with their bodies.

For those in attendance at the Superdome for the September 2 game (particularly those rooting for the Tigers), it was a sensational show from beginning to end. LSU came out with a 27-0 victory, and reminded Cougars fans why Louisiana is a musical marvel, too.