A World Record For Ukulele Playing Could Be Broken At Buffa’s This Weekend

Julian Ruck – a Port Huron, Michigan musician who has become something of a record breaker in the literal sense – is bringing his ukulele to Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant on Friday, October 13. There, he’ll attempt to break the world’s record for playing the uke’ continuously in a live public performance. Ruck is a repeat offender. In 2016,  he played for 26 hours and broke the Guinness Book of World Records’ record for world’s longest ukulele performance.

Details about his triumph were published in the Detroit Free Press, including “Ruck had an arsenal of 150 songs to work with, and played many of them at least four times. He ended up playing over 400 songs total.”

Ruck’s next attempt will begin at 4p.m. this Friday and, while much of the time he will be performing solo, he will be joined on stage by Margie Perez at 9p.m. He will continue throughout the night and, on Saturday, October 14, will perform with ukulele players from around the metro area including Carolyn Broussard and Gentilly Lace beginning at 6p.m. That gig will finish off with The Royal and Dumaine Hawaiians. The Back Room at Buffa’s will remain open throughout the event.

Buffa’s is located at 1001 Esplanade Ave.