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Debate on the Sound Ordinance Continues

For months, a task force has been attempting to revise and amend the existing noise ordinance that prohibits noise over a certain decibel level. This was precipitated by the (almost) […]

Entertainment Shifts

When my parents were teenagers, the place to go hear music and party was the French Quarter, on Bourbon Street. Pete Fountain and Al Hirt’s place, the Famous Door, Maison […]

What is Too Much?

Yesterday, the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a lower court decision and directed a lower court to tell the Old Opera House on Bourbon Street to turn it […]

More Input on Musical “Noise”

In my “Mojo Mouth” column this month in the print version of OffBeat, I address the noise issue that’s been a part of the New Orleans music culture forever. I […]