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Putting On Events Should Be Easy…

A big brouhaha popped up last weekend at the Blue Nile on Frenchmen Street, when reps from the city’s revenue department shut down the NOLA Designer Costume Market, organized for […]

Entertainment Shifts

When my parents were teenagers, the place to go hear music and party was the French Quarter, on Bourbon Street. Pete Fountain and Al Hirt’s place, the Famous Door, Maison […]

Kids With Guns = Tourism Woes and Misery All Around

Several shootings in the French Quarter during the Bayou Classic weekend (a young local Pat O’Brien’s bartender was killed) put a damper on the holiday spirit, for sure, and certainly […]

Bullets Over Frenchmen Street

I’m sitting here listening to gunshots outside my office window overlooking Frenchmen Street. Bullets were flying thick and fast on Monday, right outside my window on Decatur Street. Not to […]

Another One Bites the Dust?

I haven’t figured out why the club across the street from my office–currently called “La Maison de la Musique,” formerly “Ray’s Room,” hasn’t been able to make it on Frenchmen […]

Help Wanted

  Earlier today, we received an email from the Hookah Cafe’s Gil Berman warning that the club is likely to have to close because it doesn’t comply with non-smoking laws […]