• Amelia Earhawts

    Excellent article. Can’t wait to see them Saturday at Fest.

  • ‘just backdated, yeah’. Thanks, C.C.
    “Ray Davies was obviously fascinated by the place and even came to
    live here. He was shot during that stay, but the experience made for a
    fascinating book, Americana.” P.T. seems attached 2 NOLA like what @Bob Dylan’s visit chronicles in “Mr. Tambourine Man” as more introspective.

    My aunt grew up w/ the Beiderbecke family, Bix Beiderbecke knew my Riverboat Shuffle uncle))

  • Marc Starcke

    Great interview John Swenson. One correction. Winwood wrote the song “Vacant Chair”
    for Graham Bond after Bond’s death in 1974, and released it in 1977. Moon died in 1978.

  • DonCherryCollection

    Vacant Chair was released in 1977, while Keith Moon died in 1978