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The Ellis Marsalis Quintet, “The Ellis Marsalis Quintet Plays the Music of Ellis Marsalis” (ELM)

Ellis Marsalis is known as an extraordinary pianist, influential jazz educator and the patriarch of the renowned Marsalis musical dynasty. His peers, jazz aficionados and many next-generation jazz musicians, particularly […]

Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show , “Life Is a Ride” (Independent)

For a lot of New Orleans musicians, the flood and forced depopulation of the city after Katrina was a slow motion train wreck that piled disaster upon disaster and either […]

Doombalaya, “Pants on Fiya” (Independent)

A band like Doombalaya more or less lives to take challenges and turn them into art, which is what you come to expect from the many rock-funk bands somehow produced […]

Extended, “Extended” (Independent)

Extended is a trio with pianist Oscar Rossignoli, bassist Matt Booth and drummer Brad Webb. If those names don’t sound familiar, they soon might as these are some extremely talented […]

Soul Science Lab, “Plan for Paradise” (Independent)

Soul Science Lab’s Plan for Paradise—featuring New Orleans native Asante Amin—is likely the most eclectic hip-hop record out this year. Somehow without sounding disjointed, the record boils down and congeals […]

Heads of State, “Four in One” (Smoke Sessions Records)

This is real hard-boppin’ jazz played by some of its legendary masters: saxophonist Gary Bartz, pianist Larry Willis, drummer Al Foster and bassist David Williams. The all-star ensemble of veteran […]

Various Artists, “Cajun Accordion Kings” (and the Queen) (Valcour Records)

On Cajun Accordion Kings (and the Queen), producers Joel Savoy and Steve Riley turn back the clock and give the accordion—and the accordion alone—a gracious spotlight. It is the antithesis […]

Maurice Brown, “The Mood” (Ropeadope)

Maurice “Mobetta” Brown boasts a signature sound that stems from the soulfulness of his trumpet playing and, in many cases, his memorable melodies. Brown, a Chicago native who spent some […]

Will Payne Harrison, “East Nashville Blues” (Independent)

Anyone who thinks a musician’s life is nothing but free rides and cashed checks should press play on the title track of Will Payne Harrison’s East Nashville Blues. The Louisiana […]

Canebreakers, “Still Lives” (Independent)

With its members now spread across the Pelican State, the Lake Charles–rooted Canebreakers didn’t have months to record a new album like it did for its auspicious debut Frame and […]