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Nicholas Payton, Relaxin’ with Nick (Smoke Sessions Records)

Nicholas Payton swings, hard bops, bebops, sings, gets sentimental, takes it out and adds a bit of electronics on this double album, Relaxin’ with Nick, recorded live at New York’s […]

Various Artists, Blues Kings of Baton Rouge (Bear Family)

Most of this material has been around the track more times than a seven-year-old Fair Ground’s claimer. J.D. Miller’s usual suspects are in the mix, but for the first time, […]

Bobby Rush, Sitting on Top of the Blues (Deep Rush)

Blues Man   Eighty-six years young with 26 albums to his credit, Bobby Rush, a native of Tallulah, Louisiana, is like Ole Man River, he just keeps rolling along. Like […]

Roger Mason, Jolie Blonde et Amiable Brune: Love Songs from Cajun and Creole Louisiana (Éditions Tintamarre / Centenary College of Louisiana Press)

Make the Songs Your Own   As he states in his authoritative body of work, Roger Mason is neither a Cajun, nor a trained ethnomusicologist, but a retired music teacher […]

Lilli Lewis Project, We Belong (Louisiana Red Hot Records)

As a solo act, Lilli Lewis referred to her style as orange music, meant to distinguish it from blues proper. It made sense, too: her version of the folk blues […]

Jim Stephens, Yellow River (Ropeadope)

Much like a lazy river road that tirelessly meanders from town to town, Yellow River, the latest release from Jim Stephens, transports the listener through a myriad of landscapes or […]

Ghalia, Mississippi Blend (Ruf Records)

If you haven’t read the article on Ghalia Volt in this issue—go ahead, we’ll wait—you might not know just how impressive her story is. Born in Brussels, she discovered and […]

St. Cyr Jazz, What We Carry (Independent)

Major currents in New Orleans history and music motivate this album from St. Cyr Jazz. Composed by trumpet player Dr. Mark St. Cyr, What We Carry is a musical suite […]

Esther Rose, You Made it This Far (Father / Daughter)

Twenty years ago, no one would have guessed that the Lower 9th Ward would become one of the hippest recording studio hotspots in the country. But as Uptown became Hollywood […]

Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Cypress Grove (Easy Eye Sound)

Mississippi’s Jimmy “Duck” Holmes plays the raw country blues style identified most famously with his Bentonia bluesmen predecessors, Skip James and Jack Owens. Bentonia musicians tune the open strings of […]