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Alex McMurray, Lucky One (Independent)

A new Alex McMurray album is a call for celebration. Not a huge, Mardi Gras-like celebration, because songwriters’ albums no longer define the zeitgeist as they once did. But definitely […]

The Revelers, At the End of the River – Au bout de la riviére (Independent)

Save yourself some confusion. Don’t think of the Revelers as staunch proponents of any particular genre but rather a synthesis of South Louisiana styles that is uniquely its own. On […]

Dopolarians, Garden Party (Mahakala)

Kidd Jordan is still a force of nature at age 84 even as he is limited physically by health problems. His tenor saxophone playing remains a standard against which excellence […]

Jeff Chaz, No Paint (JCP Records)

The seventh track on this album is called “Blues Buffet,” which sounds like either the kind of cruise you might hear Jeff Chaz on or the multitude of blues styles […]

Jackson Stokes, Jackson Stokes (Create Records)

Everything about this album is retro: The sound, the packaging (which purposely evokes a mid-’60s Columbia-label design), the length (nine songs, 39 minutes)—and from the sound of things, the soul […]

Beau Bayou & The Sabine Connection, True to My Roots (Independent)

It’s not often that a zydeco band is fronted by a high school football coach, but such is the case with Beau Bayou, whose every-day Clark Kent name is Brandon […]

Max & the Martians, “Please Hold On” / “Love on Vacation” (Mashed Potato Records)

Max Bien-Kahn and his ever-mutating band of backup Martians have been swimming around in the shallow end of indie alt.country whatevercana for the past few years, relying on lots of […]

GG Shinn, Live in Concert (Independent)

In 1992, the 10-piece, horn-powered, blue-eyed soul aggregation Bits & Pieces invited GG Shinn to be its marquee vocalist at the Lutcher Bonfire Festival, an annual community Yuletide celebration. Neither […]

Think Less Hear More, The Contenders I (Independent)

Here’s a high-art concept for you: live scoring a film in real time with a modern jazz outfit, then removing said film and letting the soundtrack create its own mind […]

Various Artists, Friends & Legends of Louisiana (L & M Star Productions)

Not a bad strategy to get your songs heard; enlist a few household name vocalists; surround them with a crack studio band and then watch the seeds germinate. Such is […]