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Folk Alliance Conference may be as powerful as Jazz Fest in helping musicians’ careers.

Folk Alliance Conference may be as powerful as Jazz Fest in helping musicians’ careers.

Why Don’t We Appreciate Local Music, And Why We Should

GUEST COLUMNIST:  Shain Shapiro. Shain Shapiro is a principal in Sound Diplomacy, a firm whose mission is to help create, support and sustain places to live for, rather than just […]

New Orleans Officially Proclaimed a Music Town

Readers of OffBeat, OffBeat.com and the Weekly Beat are aware that New Orleans is, and always has been, a music town. One of the reasons the print edition of OffBeat […]

Not Dead Yet—Distribution Snafu Affects Retailers and Bands

CDs and vinyl are old-school, but they’re not dead yet. But big record labels’ attempts to consolidate distribution of physical product has hit a huge snag, which will affect retailers and bands too.

GUEST BLOG: New Orleans’ ‘Night Time Economy’ Needs An Intervention

New Orleans is celebrated worldwide as a place of heritage and a destination to experience the music and culture that is part of the city’s core identify.  The culture of New Orleans is rightly renowned the world over, but the flip side of our strong cultural tradition is the tradition of government either neglecting our culture, or actively hindering its development. The City continues to host hundreds of music and other festivals, crowds continue to spill out of clubs on a nightly basis, and cultural traditions deeply rooted in history continue to parade down streets in the present day.  All the while, the City and State arts funding lag in the bottom quintile, and First Amendment be damned, the police department is arresting musicians for public performance. Gentrifying neighborhoods and rising rents continue to create culture clashes, and the City throws a nightly party for 18 million tourists each year without a strategy to manage this “other 9 to 5.”


As many of our readers know, earlier this year GNO, Inc. commissioned a study to determine the economic impact of music on New Orleans and to create a strategy for […]

More Music Moving East?

There’s a new music street coming down the pike: St. Claude Avenue. Is music moving east?

Music Business Camp

New Orleans can beef up its participation and improvement of its music industry by starting early and informing high school students of the opportunities for careers in the music business.

Music in New Orleans is a lot more than entertainment

South Rampart Street’s “Black Storyville” is going to change with the acquisition by Cleveland, OH-based developer GBX Group’s acquisition of the Little Gem Saloon, The Iroquois Theater and Karnofsky’s Tailor Shop.

New Orleans Nightlife Office
Could Create Harmony

Following the arrest of Little Eugene Grant, we reached out to Jocelyn Kane of RHI (Responsible Hospitality Institute), and formerly with the City of San Francisco, to write a response in […]