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Guest Editorial: Louisiana Legislature Passes Favorable Music Industry Law

The following guest editorial was submitted by Reid Wick, who works for the Recording Academy. Also contributing to the article were Academy members Jay Weigel, Tim Kappel, Ken Shepherd and […]

Feet to the fire

It’s time that we hold our city leaders’ feet to the fire on their policies regarding music and culture. Now that Mitch Landrieu has almost officially finished his two terms […]

Learn a musical lesson from Bourbon and Frenchmen

Bourbon Street—in my lifetime—was New Orleans’ “music street” until it turned into more of a place for visitors and tourists to hear live music. For a decade, Frenchmen was the […]

Word To The Wise

OffBeat is dedicated to musicians and other artists. Thus, we support the rights of musicians, photographers, visual artists, writers and other performers to their Intellectual Property rights. Not to be […]

Guest Editorial: Why Musicians Don’t Get Paid—A New Orleans Musician’s View

This letter is in response to Jan Ramsey’s Mojo Mouth blog posted last week. Dear Jan: I’m writing today about your online op-ed about musicians’ pay. This is a subject […]

Why Are Frenchmen Street Musicians Undervalued?

Frenchmen Street musicians are undervalued. Some are only paid by tips, or a percentage of the bar ring. How has Frenchmen become less of a music street and more of a party street?

Kathy Griffin, A Matter of Comedy

If you’re into online news at all, you’ll be aware of the huge gaffe committed by comedian Kathy Griffin when she posted a 12-second video of herself holding a mock-up […]

New Orleans Monuments Should Honor Music and Culture

New Orleans hit the national news as a result of the Mayor and City Council’s decision to take down four monuments: three statues of Confederate heroes, and one dedicated to a […]

Marijuana Keeps Us Young

An old friend sent me an interesting article about the effects of marijuana. She’s been aware for some time that I’m a proponent of its legalization. Turns out that some […]

Free Speech Run Amok

If you don’t know about the current and impending removal of Confederate-related monuments in New Orleans, including Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, Jefferson Davis and the Liberty monument (already removed […]