• Beth

    Do brothers do charity events? I saw Kevin on TV saying they like to surprise good causes.
    On sept 23 at 10am till 4pm in martinsburg West Virginia off of Rt 9 at the VFW Campgrounds along Opequon Creek is a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis. It’s the 5th annual Cordell’s Cornhole for a Cure. Proceeds go to Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore Md. there is a stage and a local band. There is raffles and a Cornhole competition. Also games for kids and food vendors.
    On feb 25 2014, my grandson was born at Johns Hopkins and diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. At 3 days old he had his first surgery to unblock his bowels. Other surgeries followed. he came home at about 10 weeks old but it was very scary and his life expectancy is unknown. Cystic fibrosis or CF attacks the digestive system and slowly shuts down the lungs. There is currently no cure but medications can prolong life as well as some who get lung transplants.
    Cordell is now 4 and doing well. He takes medication every time he eats. Every time he put something in his mouth. His body cannot digest properly without it and he becomes ill. CF is a genetic disorder.
    It would be a blessing to get a vist from The Bacon Brothers.
    BTW I’m not a tech person. I don’t have Facebook or twitter or know how to use them. Don’t laugh. I’m just very private.