• RCProductions

    Great article and insite to Bonerama. I have been a fan for a while and have been interested in the members separatly as well as the band as a working unit. I do miss Matt Perrine. The article states that what he brought to the band cannot be replaced. Listening to the bouncy susophone lines through effects was a wall of sound by itself. Nori is doing a good job on bass guitar. I will continue to follow the success of the band and watch them grow musically. Thanks for the music guys. RCProductions

  • A Fan

    Brian O'Neil was a wonderful person and a great musician. Brian will always be missed. Thanks for remembering him in this article. I bet he'd be really proud of Bonerama today. Good job!

  • Pltrhd

    Great piece ties a lot of history together. You could follow trails to a dozen other stories from here.

  • algiersman

    A great article about a great band. Reading about the Roswell Rudd connection was a revelation. Keep growing, Bonerama, and keep up the good work Offbeat. Only in New Orleans!

  • JoJo – TCities

    Loved the act at the Dakota Street Fest. Jammin man!