• Great feature.

  • Great feature.

  • Great article! Absolutely love this guy! 

  • Stacy

    Great article!  Been following Dee-1 since the end of ‘2010. Dee is an inspiration to many!  He is a positive force that we need in music! Wishing him much success for the future! – A fan

  • Stefanie

    This gave me a tear…love this

  • Brian

    I’ve known this young man his entire life.  My nephew has always shown this type of heart and determination that he is giving to you in his music and the way he lives his life.   Good Luck Dee-1         I’m still hanging on and you know what I mean.  Uncle Peak’s

  • 410chism

    good article great artist.

  • Elayssandria Kasongo

    This guy is amazing!!!!!! I love his music and message. We need a few more thousand of him and his style!