• Frank

    Can’t get enough of Tuba Skinny. I hope to see them live someday.

  • Paul

    Doyle is great on tenor too. What happened to Ewan Bleach on clarinet? What a killer

  • Darrell M

    Ewan is back in London playing in his band Man Overboard. Hope to see Tuba Skinny and them playing back to back in the UK one day!

  • Francis

    Excellent article, except for the sloppy omission of Robin Rapuzzi. He’s been the band’s washboard player since at least 2010, and yet he’s glossed over with “…and a variety of guitar, banjo, fiddle and washboard players came and went.” It’s true that many musicians have come and gone, but Rapuzzi is an integral part of the band’s sound and has been for years.

    • Ron Olin


  • Dennis

    Saw them in NYC on Aug. 19th. Love!

  • C Sjoholm

    Shaye is my niece. A small correction is in order. Al Cohn is her grandfather. They share the same birth date. I am certain he would be most proud of how her career has developed. Her finding the Armstrong of the “Hot Fives” is not so fortuitous. Al had three musical heroes- Duke Ellington, Lester Young and Mr. Armstrong, in particular those “Hot Five” sessions. That music is in the families DNA. Her father, Joe, continues to be an active musician, contrary to the article.

  • Pablo

    So them play in front of the steps of the courthouse on Royal St. back in 2010. I sent my daughter (5 years old at the time) to put money in their coffee can. She just kept pulling out bill after bill and you know what I didn’t care. Listening to their instruments and Erika Lewis’s vocals it was mesmerizing.

  • MK

    Probably my favorite local band right now. I miss seeing them in town, though. Can’t wait till they’re back from Australia!

  • Grant Wood

    Enjoyed this background post very much. Brilliant group
    Can’t watch enough YouTube stuff.

    Maybe catch them in NOLA but Europe 2018 sessions a must

  • Clyde Flowers

    I love TS. One thing that may be missed is that this band obviously rehearses. They are prepared, disciplined and have some really nice arrangements. Among other things, this shows respect for their audience. As an ex-busker, I can tell you this is a key ingredient for success.