The Bad Roads,Live!, (Latanier)

The Bad Roads were a garage band from Lake Charles that cut a lone single for the Jin label in the 1960s. The single sold a couple hundred copies, the Bad Roads played a few dances and frat parties at McNeese and eventually disbanded like most bands do. However, in the mid 1990s, sixties garage band music got rediscovered and so did the Bad Roads—primarily due to the Jin single being bootlegged on a French CD, Louisiana Punk. Favorites of the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau, they reunited and have appeared at several Ponderosa Stomps. Now they have a website ( and a new CD. Live! that isn’t live, but it contains material they play at their gigs. They open with both sides of their Jin single “Blue Girl” and “Too Bad.” “Blue Girl” is quite hypnotic and as good as some of the garage bands hits of the era, i.e. “Liar, Liar,” “Land of a Thousand Dances” and “96 Tears.” The rest of the CD contains six Stones covers, and songs done by the Yardbirds and Sam Cooke. It’s stuff they cranked out several decades ago and they haven’t forgotten how to do them justice. The covers are true, but the listener will have to judge the merits of this CD by how many covers they can handle. I have been assured by the Mystic Knights of the Mau Mau that the Bad Roads still kick ass, um, live.