Valerie Sassyfras, Girls Night Out! Live at Gasa Gasa (Independent)

The beginning of this live disc is attention-grabbing, to say the least: Backed by a low-budget drum machine, the singer promises to get “offset, off-kilter and off-key.”

The first song delivers on that promise, with a can’t-miss chorus of “we’re horny and we’re lazy… we’ll twist and twerk till dawn.”

Turns out that Valerie Sassyfras is a Cajun/zydeco veteran who played for decades with her late husband, Johnny Donald.

Her current music is part low-fi pop and part performance art, backed up only by her laptop. As a performer she’s absolutely fearless, whether she’s doing the exuberantly goofy “Alligator Dance,” tearfully remembering her husband or (from the sound of one spoken intro) ripping a fake heart from her chest and tossing it around the room.

For good measure there’s a cover of “Werewolves of London,” on which Warren Zevon’s lyric is recited deadpan over an incongruous Muzak-y background.

Could someone call Bobby Lounge and see if he’s looking for a duet partner?