VCPORA Cancels Seven Point Plan Press Conference

New Orleans’ music community got wind earlier today that the Vieux Carre Property Owners, Residents and Associates (VCPORA) announced it would hold a press conference at City Hall tomorrow, June 18 at 11 a.m. with hopes of rallying neighborhood associations to support their proposed “Seven Essential Items to Make our Noise Ordinance work for New Orleans.”

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VCPORA press conference on the group's "Seven Point Plan" for New Orleans Noise Ordinance revision canceled.

The French Quarter-based VCPORA group has been active over recent months in taking measures to not only encourage strict law enforcement of live entertainment and noise ordinances in the city’s cultural district (virtually all of downtown and surrounding wards – a city-wide proposal), but has also begun executing an agenda to re-define present live music policies. A few neighborhood and business associations have signed on to the “Seven Point Plan” presented to them by the VCPORA.

However, several music community organizations comprised of artists, residents and business owners opposed to the “Seven Point Plan” responded within hours today with an action alert via their online networks, mailing lists and word-of-mouth streams. Local musicians and culture bearers were urged to attend the press conference at City Hall to make their voice heard. Those willing to show up, bear signs and represent the other side of this ongoing debate flooded communication portals confirming their attendance.

Then, just as swiftly as word about the press conference had spread, the VCPORA group posted an announcement late in the day today that they are canceling tomorrow’s press conference. It appears as if manipulating the relationships between neighborhood associations and City Hall is not a tactic that easily flies under the radar anymore. The VCPORA did not provide a reason for canceling tomorrow’s City Hall press conference on their “Seven Point Plan,” however it may be noted that New Orleanians opposed to this ordinance proposal were exponentially more visible on multiple communication outlets today than those in support of it.

View the VCPORA “Seven Point Plan” here.

For more information on this process, please visit the following resources:

Author’s Note: It should be noted that the City of New Orleans is presently undergoing an in-depth revision of the municipal Noise Ordinance, a process that allows all interested parties to contribute proposals and feedback. The VCPORA group is only one neighborhood or business association submitting ordinance proposals for this revision. Their proposed edits to the Noise Ordinance are what comprise the document commonly referred to as “The Seven Point Plan.” Those interested in shaping the new version of the official New Orleans Noise Ordinance should get involved now by familiarizing oneself with the various factors that inform the Noise Ordinance and then submitting proposed ordinance revisions.