French Quarter Fest is the One Thing to do in Louisiana

According to a recent article on the Huffington Post, French Quarter Fest is the one thing everyone should do in Louisiana. The authors of the post surveyed Huffington Post editors and friends to come up with a list of 50 essential activities or destinations, one for each state.


French Quarter Festival 2014 official poster featuring Dr. John.

The selections vary wildly – from hanging out with polar bears in Alaska to eating a tenderloin sandwich at Ivanhoe’s in Indiana – and Louisiana claims one of the handful of festivals on the list. The “World’s Largest Jazz Brunch” really stood out to the authors, but what stands out to me is the sheer number of things that could have been on that list.

How do you limit yourself to doing just one thing in Louisiana? In New Orleans alone, I can think of dozens of things I think every single visitor to and resident of the city absolutely must do, from drinking a cold beer in a hot Tipitina’s while a local act tears up the stage to eating until you drop at a backyard crawfish boil. And that isn’t even considering the rest of the state.

We love French Quarter Fest, but we want to hear your opinions. What is the number one thing you think every visitor to Louisiana absolutely has to do? Leave your answers in the comments.