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Feedback: Direct from the Underground: Rotary Downs

It’s only April, but the best local CD of the year might already have been released. There’s only one problem. You probably won’t ever hear it. “We’re only making 150 of them for now,” says James Marler of Rotary Downs. “I’ll just give them to a bunch of friends, and that’s it.”

Motorway Cruising

The local artists formerly known as Tin Star got an unexpected boost when a British band with the same name started getting airplay on local modern rock juggernaut 106.7 The […]

Bobby Adams Rules!

Who is the enigmatic Bobby Adams? Judging from lyrics on the recently released CD Bobby Adams, he’s a jet-setting degenerate, an unctuous cross between Bryan Ferry and Gene Simmons who […]

Folks Scramble Jazz Classics

Egg Yolk Jubilee paid the price for their artistic vision: $800. That’s how much it cost the avant garde Dixieland band to license the 10 cover songs on their newly […]