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Mojo Mouth: God Bless George

With the seemingly growing animosity between the generations (mainly Baby Boomers vs. Millennials—though I don’t know how the Gen X generation got left out of the mix), we need to […]

Commitment Needed

I love music and our unique culture. There’s nothing else like it in the world. There are no people like New Orleans people. We are more of a big family than […]

Visual Overload

Mardi Gras is over, and spring festivals are on everybody’s agenda: from the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon to the Top Taco festival, Bourbon Fest and Bean Madness. I’m kind of […]

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” This is a saying that is truly emblematic of New Orleans. You can take it in a negative sense (nothing […]

Mojo Mouth

Why We Do It I’m hoping that you are able to come to OffBeat’s 23rd annual Best of the Beat Awards on January 25 at Generations Hall. It’s the time […]

Where’s the Petition?

What Louis Armstrong was to jazz, Fats Domino was to all of New Orleans music. He leaves an everlasting mark. Mr. Domino deserves more than just the obligatory second line […]

The End of The World As We Knew It

The appeal of New Orleans never wanes, despite hurricanes, storms, crumbling infrastructure, crime, educational issues and lack of police. In fact, I daresay that’s part of its appeal: the danger […]

Blasted Festivals

The weather will have turned a bit cooler, hopefully, by the time this October issue hits the street. At least it will officially be fall. Fall means festival season hereabouts, […]

Redheads and Mayors

Notice anything different? Do I look my age? Got tired of the flaming red and decided to go platinum, which is closer to what my hair really looks like. But […]

It’s Not Easy Being Queen

There’s a new name and face in music media. It’s one you may be familiar with, but in another context and in another media. It’s Beth Arroyo Utterback, a face […]