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The End of The World As We Knew It

The appeal of New Orleans never wanes, despite hurricanes, storms, crumbling infrastructure, crime, educational issues and lack of police. In fact, I daresay that’s part of its appeal: the danger […]

Blasted Festivals

The weather will have turned a bit cooler, hopefully, by the time this October issue hits the street. At least it will officially be fall. Fall means festival season hereabouts, […]

Redheads and Mayors

Notice anything different? Do I look my age? Got tired of the flaming red and decided to go platinum, which is closer to what my hair really looks like. But […]

It’s Not Easy Being Queen

There’s a new name and face in music media. It’s one you may be familiar with, but in another context and in another media. It’s Beth Arroyo Utterback, a face […]

Red Hot Harris

I started getting involved in the music industry in the early 1980s. The transition from a fan/freak to someone who tried to understand the vagaries of the music “business” versus […]


There’s a real groundswell of change in the city of New Orleans. If, as a Jazz Fest lover, you’ve been here before, you can remember what the Fest was like […]

French Quarter Festivals, Inc. names a new Executive Director

The French Quarter Festival is now in its fourth decade. FQF started many years after the Jazz Fest, with none of the same intentions—that is, to preserve New Orleans and […]

Festivals, Festivals, Festivals

Welcome to the OffBeat “spring festival” issue. Since last year, so many new festivals have sprung up: the Fried Chicken Fest, New Orleans Bourbon Fest, Top Taco NOLA, Beignet Fest. […]

What’s Mardi Gras, if not for Bunny?

In 1835, James R. Creecy described New Orleans Mardi Gras in his book Scenes in the South, and Other Miscellaneous Pieces: Shrove Tuesday [Mardi Gras] is a day to be […]

Happy Safe New Year!

New Orleans has experienced one of the more violent months in years. Of course, everyone in the hospitality industry hates when this fact is covered on local media, much less […]