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Issue Articles — Straight, No Chaser

Swinging Sundays

New Orleans loves to have a good time when it’s not supposed to. Take the “Blue Monday” jam session led by Bob French at Donna’s, for example. Or the ReBirth […]

Jazz Fest 2001, R.I.P.

As we cope with the demise of yet another wonderful Jazz Fest, I present the six stages of Jazz Fest grief: Denial – Jazz Fest is not over. If I […]

Die Like a Dog at JazzFest 2002

Forget about sleep. Say goodbye to that nightcap. Tell those sheep to stop jumping the fence. It’s Jazz Fest time. If you’re not out hearing music, you’re missing something tasty. […]

Tabla Temptations

In March, the New Orleans jazz scene usually reflects a post-Mardi Gras, pre-Jazz Fest Lenten lull. Not so this year. The rich array of options, from major national talent like […]