• Beforeforever


  • Sara B.

    I’ll never forget driving down Fannin St in Houstin, in my old, beat-up Chevy Citation and hearing “Make Him Apologize” on KTRU, Rice University radio. Few musicians have bowled me over the way Ani DiFranco did that day!

  • Billjohnsmith

    What I love most about Ani DiFranco is that she just plain gets it!  She completely understands that it is and has been about systemic devices/deregulation and the abuse of power to expand and enhance inequality.  And, instead of just riding the wave herself, she writes poignant, personal, powerful, important songs.  All one has to do is really listen to the song “Serpentine” to hear a brilliant critique of the interrelated nature of “the path of least resistance,” i.e., the 1% on top of unregulated capitalism.  You couldn’t be more right, Ani: unregulated, Darwinian capitalism “IS the devil’s wet dream!” 

  • Amandaerin25

    A pretty good list of solutions, submitted to OWS by Michael Moore-  http://www.truth-out.org/where-does-occupy-wall-street-go-here/1322057279