• Tee Watts

    I just got off the phone with War’s original guitarist Howard Scott. He said that War has been nominated three times to the RRHOF, but never inducted.

    • warqueen

      I was just going to clarify to the author about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with “unless there is something this huge WAR fan doesn’t know”. Three fingers and a smile, Tee Watts, for staying on top of the game.

      • Tee Watts

        And you’re heartbeat is beatin’ real funky, oh warqueen!

  • bugzapper

    Great guy! Harold is pne of the first people I met when I started hanging out in N.O.. After Katrina, he came up to Seattle and holed up with Lee Oskar for a while. One night they wandered in to a gig I had in Pioneer Square, and, of course, we coerced them both into sitting in. Tons o’ fun!

    As for the RRHOF (aka “Jann Wenner’s Personal Toyland”): It’s not like the people who run it have much of a clue.