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Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson, Mark Rapp, Chris Burroughs and David Ellington, Natural History (Jangly Records)

Natural History gets off to a happy start with the members of this collaborative ensemble—saxophonist Wess “Warmdaddy” Anderson, trumpeter Mark Rapp, organist/pianist David Ellington and drummer Chris Burroughs—all clapping their […]

Jon Batiste, Hollywood Africans (Verve)

A homage to his musical heroes     Those who only know Jon Batiste as the gregarious leader of the band Stay Human that appears weeknights on the television show […]

SOUNDCHECK: Five Questions with pianist Danilo Pérez

“Groove them out!” Danilo Pérez instructs musicians as a means of dealing with societal and political problems faced by the world today. “They mess with the groove that we create,” […]

Dyna-Mite: Jon Cleary keeps the New Orleans piano tradition’s fuse lit

“I think if I have any talent at all, it’s for picking good guys to play with to make me sound good,” Jon Cleary says, then laughs and takes another sip […]

Jon Cleary, Dyna-Mite (FHQ Records)

From the very opening of the title cut of Dyna-Mite there’s no doubt that the album’s musical roots lie deep in New Orleans. Jon Cleary might have been born in […]

In Memoriam: Ivory “Wildman” Holmes (1954-2018)

“He did a lot of projects,” Chief Derrick Hulin of the Golden Blades declares of Wildman Ivory Holmes’ eagerness on many creative fronts. “As a wildman, he was tough, tough—he […]

In Memoriam: Aretha Franklin (1942 – 2018)

Aretha Franklin sounded relaxed and happy during a phone interview that took place while she rolled down the highway in her tour bus—she disliked flying—on her way to New Orleans […]


As you enter the Professor Longhair exhibit, formally called “Me Got Fiyo: The Professor Longhair Centennial,” on the second floor of the Old U.S. Mint, a bust of the iconic […]

Don Suhor, New Orleans Clarinet & Sax Virtuoso (GHB Records)

Don Suhor thoroughly embraced both traditional and modern jazz and often would infiltrate one of these kissin’ cousins within the other. He also brought an equal amount of fervor to […]

Davy Mooney and Ko Omura, Benign Strangers (Sunnyside Records)

As the title of the album and opening cut, Benign Strangers, suggests, a certain musical and human gentleness prevails. Davy Mooney, a talented guitarist and graduate of NOCCA and the […]