• Taj Mahal

    What is a Tubatron? The picture captioned as “Tubatron” is actually from my client Taj Mahal’s set at The 2013 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. This photo captures the 4 original tubists (Howard Johnson, Bob Stewart, Joseph Daley and Ear McIntyre) from Taj’s 1971 live release “The Real Thing,” plus 6 of New Orleans’ finest sousaphonists. Taj’s set was largely a recreation of that classic 40 year old album. “Tubatron” doesn’t quite explain the heritage.

    • Taj Mahal

      (that should read “Earl” McIntyre. My apologies for not having the New Orleans’ sousaphonists names handy, but I’m sure Offbeat knows them. They certainly deserve mention as well. Taj referred to this performance as “an historic moment.” He never mentioned a Tubatron.)

    • Debbie

      Tubatron is a pseudonym used by David Silverman, one of the tubists on Taj’s set. He credited himself this way on at least two of the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Halloween Specials.

      • Taj Mahal

        Thanks for clarifying that! It seems Offbeat changed the original caption to include the band’s name 🙂

  • ZydecoRocks

    Another historic moment was when Queen Ida Guillory took to the stage for her first public appearance in LA in 25 years. True story y’all! Last time that she recalls was NOJHF ’88. Herman wrote about it 5/1/13. Quint and his staff loved the idea when we pitched it and they thanked us, which meant a lot. They helped bring her home to get properly honored before it was too late and we’d all regret not doing something. We’ve lost so many people that we can’t risk not taking a moment to elevate them and shine a light on their contributions. The City of Lake Charles, her place of birth was the lead partner. Ida came to life on stage and for those lucky enough to see her @ the fest and Central School in LC they witnessed a rare and wonderful moment. Her interview at Allison Miner stage would have pleased Allison very much. It was our opportunity as a state to recognize her talents and accomplishments for the genre and Louisiana culture. Thanks to Quint and his staff for making her very happy. http://www.offbeat.com/2013/05/01/jazz-fest-2013-focus-queen-ida/#disqus_thread