• Mike Vawdrey

    Couldn't agree more with your James Booker comments. It's a real shame that some of his best recorded work is so hard to find – especially those Aves albums. Live At Montreux was a great set but the official issue remains stubbornly deleted and the online petition for a DVD issue of this concert has had no effect as yet. I'd also like to hear the Amiga LP of the Leipzig concert which must have been a very interesting event to say the least. If he did one of his CIA rants I imagine the STASI operatives who occupied the first two rows must have been scribbling away like maniacs! It would be wonderful if some more of the unissued live material could gain wider circulation. In the meantime the two Night Train doubles you mention are very valuable 'warts and all' documents. Pity the Document(label) Manchester set isn't in slightly better sound, but great to have it anyway. By the by I think the strongest parallel in the jazz world would be with Bud Powell