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Charmaine Neville Band, Before the Storm (Independent)

In May 2005, the Charmaine Neville Band undertook what was to be a six-month recording project: to record her weekly performances at Snug Harbor, where Neville had performed on Monday […]

Spencer Bohren, The Blues According to Hank Williams (Valve Records)

Hank Williams died at the age of 29, leaving behind what sometimes feels like half the American country music songbook. Listening to the recordings, I’m always struck: this is a […]

Big Blue Marble, The Big Blue Marble (Lettuce Prey Records)

In indie rock years, the time between 2007 when Big Blue Marble released Natchez and now is an eternity—practically long enough for a reunion tour or a tribute band. On […]

Nasimiyu, It Ain’t Pretty But It’s Beautiful (Independent)

Vocalist Nasimiyu Murumba came to New Orleans from the Twin Cities in 2009, and it’s clear from the title to the lyrical content of her EP that she’s set on […]

The Hot 8 Brass Band: Home in My Horn

The indelible image of the Hot 8 Brass Band at a Sunday afternoon second line parade is that of sousaphone player Bennie Pete and bass drummer Harry “Swamp Thing” Cook. […]

Stefon Harris, David Sánchez, Christian Scott, Ninety Miles (Concord Picante Records)

Ninety Miles is the distance between Miami and Havana, the closest points in the US and Cuba. This project, the companion CD to a documentary due later this summer, comes […]

Tha Cartel, Cartel Diem: Lifestyles of the Young & Reckless (Independent)

On “Dream,” the fifth track on Cartel Diem: Lifestyles of the Young & Reckless, Tha Cartel detail their music’s background and New Orleans birthplace in terms not so much geographical […]

Impulss n’ Bazooka Joe, Bronx, New Orleans: Respect Where it Started (Quarter Rat Musique)

Bronx, New Orleans: Respect Where it Started is an idea that more or less markets itself: using New Orleans samples, Bronx DJ Bazooka Joe and New Orleans rapper Impulss bring […]

J. the Savage, Very Same Dream (Independent)

Very Same Dream represents a significant step forward for the singer-songwriter Jamie Bernstein, in his current incarnation as front man for J. the Savage. Produced by Kermit Ruffins’ regular drummer, […]

Tom Fitzpatrick, Chillin’ at the Point (Immersion Records)

On Chillin’ at the Point, Tom Fitzpatrick approaches the compositions and repertoire of, among others, Stanley Turrentine, Roland Kirk, and David “Fathead” Newman. That’s a very particular kind of pantheon—these […]