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Gerard Maras: Maras the Magnificent and Seven of New Orleans Most Influential Chefs

The most important chef in New Orleans history is sitting across from me. He is lithe and his silver hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail. A former cook of his describes him best as a “skinny Willie Nelson.” He is slated to teach a class to mainly tourists later in the afternoon at [...]

Tales of the Sno-Tail

There are only two ways to cool off once the New Orleans summer comes. I’m talking really cooling off, not sitting in an air-conditioned room. You can either guzzle a sno-ball, its slushiness burrowing into the belly of your soul and making you shiver. Or you can get knock-out drunk, such that you forget just [...]

Adolfo Garcia: The Metamorphosis of New Orleans’ Hungriest Restaurateur

“I felt like I was lip-syncing, like I was Ashlee Simpson on Saturday Nigh Live,” says Adolfo Garcia. Garcia is talking about Rio Mar. More specifically, why, after owning and serving as executive chef at Rio Mar for more than ten years, he up and sold his share to longtime partner Nick Bazan. The nightly [...]

Party Like It’s 1812: What Drinks Fueled the Louisiana State Ratification Celebration?

Two hundred years ago, nearly nine years after Thomas Jefferson bargained with Napoleon, Louisiana became a state. Prior to that, she was swapped between European powers like a child of divorced parents. But on April 30, 1812, Louisiana—and by extension, New Orleans—became American. Given that New Orleans celebrates death more than most towns enjoy life, [...]

Boudin or Bust

The heart of boudin country lies two hours west of New Orleans in the flatlands surrounding Lafayette. There, boudin is nearly as omnipresent at a gas station as lottery tickets and cold beer. Make it a habit when traveling to towns like Mowata or Scott to keep an ice chest in the back of your [...]

A Day in the Life of Chef Scott Boswell

8:41 a.m. I am one minute late to meet Chef Scott Boswell. Immediately the cell phone, Twitter, and my email begin alerting me to this fact. When I finally walk up to the exterior of Stella!, his fine dining restaurant on Chartres Street in the French Quarter, Boswell is already walking towards the Ursuline Convent [...]

The Booze Tube: Home Bars

According to the people who track these sorts of things, real cocktails are the new black. A genuine cocktail made with an intoxicating liquor or two, some rare bitters, and a generous shake over chipped ice has replaced the martini bar, cigar bar, wine bar and beer garden. May the peanut butter and jelly martini [...]

Jazz Fest Seafood One Year After the Oil Spill

During a memorable set at last year’s Jazz Fest, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam took to the bully pulpit and skewered BP for the disaster that was becoming the Deepwater Horizon. In not-so-kind words, he strongly encouraged BP’s executives to send down their sons and daughters to clean up the oil spill. At that time, [...]

Doctor’s Orders: Wines by New Orleans MDs

It is a well-told tale that Americans cared little for wine until the mid-’80s when a 60 Minutes report revealed the French Paradox. The French Paradox, in short, goes like this: eat whatever you want, but especially foods high in fat from dairy or animal products, and supplement your diet with three glasses of wine [...]

The Saints: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of Champions

To paraphrase Dave Barry, the stomach is the most important organ in the human body. The heart is fine and dandy, but it is not nearly as satisfied by a slice of pizza. Without a stomach, armies would not be able to march and the heart of a man would be unreachable. Dean Pigeon (pronounced [...]