How Bad Can The Future Be For Musicians?

How bad could the future be for our local musicians with the new president and his policies?

Since last Tuesday’s election, many have been stunned by the results that selected Donald Trump as the nation’s President-elect. Although we in Louisiana knew that this state would invariably vote red in a presidential election, there will certainly be serious implications for for the country as a whole.

The issues are numerous and serious, mostly as it pertains to health care, the environment and climate change, women’s rights, taxation, immigration issues, and even worse, a polarization of the races.

How do you think the new president’s policies will impact your everyday life and the culture and music of New Orleans? What direct impact do you anticipate? Or do you see little overall impact on the music and culture of the city?

Take the OffBeat weekly poll, and tell us what you think. Random poll-takers will be seleted to win two tickets to see the Hojney Island Swamp Band + Dave Jordan and N.I.A. at Tip’s on November 26.