In Keith Spera’s analysis of the Jazz Fest schedule (not online at that I could find), he resurrected one of Quint Davis’ more infamous quotes. When asked in 1994 if younger bands such as then-young bands Counting Crows and Black Crowes should be at Jazz Fest, he said:

“I think Counting Crows and Black Crowes and Pearl Crows and Nirvana-Crows and Screaming Crows and every single one of them should be at this festival, but not on the stage.” 

I periodically wonder if he ever regrets saying that, not only because Counting Crows and Black Crowes have since played Jazz Fest, but because it was such a line in the sand drawn against the possible value of youth. I’d forgotten over the years how utterly dismissive it is of any band that someone under 30 might care about – so much so that he can’t even be bothered with their names, or notice that Counting Crows and Nirvana had drastically different sounds, sounds you had to work to avoid at that time.