Jazz Fest TV

Years ago, Jazz Fest was shot for television broadcast, some of which we saw, mostly not. All that has changed with the entry of AXS TV.
Every night when I got home from the Fest, I had the opportunity to relive it, and also to see acts that I couldn’t get to on AXS, available in New Orleans if you have DirecTV. If you’re a Jazz Fest freak, this is the ultimate, and is reason alone to get yourself the service. For example, I opted to catch Walter “Wolfman” Washington yesterday, and missed Hall & Oates. But this morning I got to enjoy the H&O set, plus a part of Taj Mahal and the Black Keys. Wow. Hi-def, reasonably good sound (some, not so, but that’s expected). Have to say, this is one of the better deals Fest organizers have made. Next time, I hope they can get more of the local acts, since most of the shoots seemed to take place at the larger stages. But, overall, a great resource for Jazz Fest lovers. Congrats!