Lost in the Moment

Yesterday’s Saints game had more than its share of drama, from the amazing comeback to the emotional start of the game with Steve Gleason – showing the effects of ALS – being led on the field by Drew Brees then starting the pre-game “Who Dat” chant (Seriously, who was hard-hearted enough not to be moved by that?).



Lost in all of that was a beautiful, slightly melancholy version of the National Anthem by Terence Blanchard. He was mesmerizing as he glided from note to note through passages, stopping at unpredictable times. He drew people in, and the crowd that was listening at first slowly started singing along in a low murmur that grew in volume and intensity as his performance continued. By the end, the massed audience voice was reminiscent of the disembodied vocal groups that cooed ghostly melodies on easy listening albums, which only added to the melancholy; that it was spontaneous made it lovely.

… in other music at the Dome news, “Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk)” sounds way better when we’re winning.


… and I never tire of watching Steve Gleason’s finest hour: