Arson Anthem, Insecurity Notoriety (Housecore Records)

Arson Anthem, Insecurity Notoriety (Housecore Records)Arson Anthem, according to the band’s website, has a mission: to bring “the roots of painful amplification, raw production, and a true ‘Fuck All’ attitude” to a new generation of thrashers. For Insecurity Notoriety, the band went back to the early 1980s for inspiration from such bands as Negative Approach, Poison Idea and Discharge.

Singer Mike IX Williams of Eyehategod can bring out the angry teenager in anyone with lyrics such as, “Inconsiderate and bored shitless / Complaining about doing nothing, then actually doing nothing,” from the song, “Has Been/Had Been.”  The screaming continues through the guitar of Pantera and Down’s Philip H. Anselmo, whose label—Housecore—released the album. The speedy riffs prove that Anselmo’s fingers probably defy the laws of physics, and the shrill shredding is almost hard on the ears. While Anselmo’s guitar screams, Collin Yeo’s bass growls, especially in the song “Teach the Gun (To Love the Bullet).” Finally, drums from Hank Williams III never give a listener’s heart time to slow down and catch up.

Insecurity Notoriety hurts.  It is harsh, it is aggressive, and it is pissed off.  But for any hardcore punk tough enough to sustain the inner-ear damage, it is a step in fulfilling Arson Anthem’s anarchic mission.