Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer, Bass and Mandolin (Nonesuch Records)

Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer, Bass and Mandolin, album cover, OffBeat Magazine, November 2014

At the top of the heap of the “Americana” genre are some genuine stars: banjoist Bela Fleck and fiddler Mark O’Connor in particular.

Equally as eminent on their instruments are mandolinist Chris Thile and acoustic bassist Edgar Meyer.

One would imagine an album of bass and mandolin duets to grow old quickly, but these guys pull it off with huge aplomb.

Both are marvelous composers conscious of varying form and timbre.

Thile plays some guitar and Meyer some piano to add to the variety of the soundscape.

This is music by virtuosos that any devotee of American string music or of simply good composing, should hear.