The Honeypots, Something Sweet (Threadhead)

Honey Potts, Something Sweet

This very enjoyable record is a collaboration among three talented local songwriters (Lynn Drury, Margie Perez and Monica McIntyre) and percussionist Paula August Jepson. The group has an engaging, easygoing style that draws on the strength of their songwriting and the compatibility of their harmony vocals. Drury, one of the city’s great songwriters, contributes her classic “Chemical Road,” which takes on a different feel in this context, and the strong, new composition “Every Little Bit,” which opens the set. Perez contributes several beautiful relationship songs, expressing her longing on “For a Little While,” celebrating a great love affair on “Got To Tell Ya” and “Till I Found You,” and having a little fun with “Latin Girls.” Monica McIntyre’s songs (“Like A Lover,” “Witness,” “Footprints” and “Living In a Dream”) are deeply soulful, and her cello playing, plucked like a bass on some tracks, bowed with mood-enhancing elan on others including “Like a Lover” and “Chemical Road,” is one of the album’s secret strengths.

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