Research Turtles, Research Turtles (Independent)

reviews.researchturtlesChanneling John, Paul, Ringo and George, the Research Turtles bring back simple pop-rock melodies and lyrics that only take a minute to learn on their nostalgic, self-titled debut. The opening song on the album makes a statement about what to expect from the type of music they play: “Let’s Get Carried Away.” It opens with what sounded like the ending of the song with the drums hitting their last beat and the guitar showing the last of what chord it would string next. Then it unexpectedly transitions into lead singer’s Jud Norman’s Beatles-esque vocals and progresses into a steady flow of rock beats.

Though this foursome can be seen as another revival of The Click 5, with power-pop melodies, matching suits, and long, surfer-cut hairdos, Research Turtles have a bit more depth and dirt kicked up in their more mature sound. “Tomorrow,” for example, has Rivers Cuomo all over it with an “Island in the Sun” production and hopeful message, a nice treat for those nostalgic for how Weezer used to sound. And “A Feeling” with its pounding, prominent drum and guitar rhythm and simply structured vocals would be a Rock Band favorite if only given the chance.

Though these dudes from Lake Charles started out as a cover band, soon people will be covering their melodies, as they gain more traction as the little Southern rock band that could.